13th ÖGMBT Annual Meeting

Sept. 20 - Oct. 14, 2021

I. Registration - II. Proofread - III. Confirmation

I. Registration

The registration is now open. A short outline of the registration process:

  1. Please fill in the form below and submit.
  2. You will receive a confirmation e-mail with your login data for the online REGISTRATION AND ABSTRACT SUBMISSION SYSTEM, where you can pay the fees for conference participation either by credit card or bank transfer.
  3. Once payment is finalized you are registered.
IMPORTANT: Please be aware that the number of conference participants is limited. To ensure your registration and to be able to upload your abstract in time please make sure to pay your registration fee as soon as possible.

Discounts – registration for members is free of charge

  • For ÖGMBT members with an active and paid membership a member discount voucher code is available after login at the ÖGMBT intranet website under "Discounts". For Austrian scientists or scientists who are working in Austria and want to become ÖGMBT members, please register first for membership HERE.

To use the discount you can enter the voucher code here or also later during the payment process after completing this registration.



Payments can be submitted online with credit card, bank card or via invoices in a separate process after registering here. After your registration you will receive in your confirmation e-mail a login for this registration system where you can view and edit your data, submit your abstract as well as make your payments.

Required These fields are mandatory.

Participants Details

Required John E.
Required Doe
  Membrane Research Dept.
Required University of Vienna
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Required JohnE.Doe@univie.ac.at
Social Connections (optional):
To assist in connecting participants with each other at this virtual conference participants can opt to enter up to three of their social accounts. These will be visible to all participants.
Get your Meeting Package (Optional):
Participants can opt to get a Meeting Package with a printed version of the pre-meeting brochure sent to them via postal mail to the address below. This offer is only valid for deliveries inside Austria.
  John E. Doe
  Homestreet 156/Door 4


Required Participant list: To facilitate scientific exchange between participants a list of all participants will be provided. This list includes the particpants name, institution, social links and e-mail adress fields. Please select if you agree or disagree to be included in this list.

Required Photo, Recording Consent: The organizers reserve the right to document the event with it being photographed and recorded. These images and recordings may be used for documentation and promotional purposes via media platforms, presentations and promotional materials, both printed and online but will not be sold to third parties. Please note that this is required for participation at the meeting.

Participant status

Please select your status. This will also determine the type of registration fee to be paid. If you are applying as a student an additional confirmation of your enrollment or a corresponding letter from your supervisor needs to be uploaded in PDF format.

For students: Confirmation of enrollment

Choose a PDF on your computer containing a confirmation of enrollment or a corresponding letter from your supervisor (max file size 1024 kB)


Comments: Feel free to send us any comments below (max. 500 characters).

Submit Information

Registration information can be checked in the next step with "Proof Read Data" before submission, any errors will be indicated. Corrections can then be made by pressing the web-browser's "Back" button.

Please note: Submit your information only once.